Why Stainless Steel Is an Ideal Material for Pool Fencing

Most Australians love to spend their summer days relaxing and cooling off in the pool. But if pools are not properly cordoned off, they can become danger zones for small children and pets, who usually do not know how to swim. A good way to eliminate the danger is to install fencing around the pool area. If you are currently shopping around for a befitting fence for your pool, you can easily get confused by the many choices available to you. Read More 

Reasons to Choose Powder Coating on Your Metallic Items over Painting

Powder coating refers to the process of electrostatically applying pigment onto a surface. Over the years, it has become a popular alternative to painting metallic items over with wet paint. If you have metallic components around your home such as fencing, balustrading and more, you should consider opting for powder coating if you would like to add a pop of colour on them. Here are some of the different reasons to choose powder coating on your metallic items over painting them. Read More 

Reduce Flies and Maggots Around Your Skip Bin With These Tips

If you've just found a swarming mass of maggots at the bottom of your business's skip or if you are tired of the swarms of flies hanging out near your skip bin, you may be wondering what to do. Luckily, there are ways that you can fight the presence of maggots and flies. Take a look at these tips: 1. Sterilise the bin after finding maggots. If you find maggots, you need to get rid of them to ensure these disgusting, little babies don't turn into adult flies. Read More 

Three Considerations for Selecting a Pallet Stretch Wrapping Machine

Stretch wrapping machines are valuable assets when transporting commercial goods in pallets. The equipment will apply a plastic film which is critical in unitising and stabilising the loads. This will promote better handling and general load management during transit. In addition, the stretch film will provide protection to the goods against damage from rain, UV radiation and dust. There are numerous types of pallet wrapping machines in the market to consider for your transportation operation. Read More