More reasons why you should dump traditional pipes for newer and better pre-insulated pipes in your house

In house construction, homeowners and contractors mostly have specific items and materials that will be used to construct the house. These include the type of cement, stones, metal and wood, pipes and cables, among other materials. One important item that plays an important part in the construction of a house is the type of pipes that will be installed in the house. From time immemorial, traditional pipes have been used in most houses, but with the advancement in pipe development and production, there are better and more efficient pipes. A pre-insulated pipe is an example of a modern and more efficient pipe that is used in most house construction. This article will highlight fascinating benefits that pre-insulated pipes offer over other traditional types and give more reasons why you should dump traditional pipes for newer and better pre-insulated pipes.

Maximum system effectiveness

Pre-insulated pipes are made from specific insulation materials such as polyurethane foam to increase its effectiveness. By covering the pipe with a jacket material and the insulation material having a low k-factor, it results in minimum heat gain or loss within the piping system.

Reduced material cost and wastage

Pre-insulated pipes are designed and made for a specific job that has precise dimensions and requirements. This is important as it ensures that not even one part of the pipe is wasted or thrown away as waste during its installation process. Also, it is important to note that the pipe's pre-fabrication process gets rid of all field jacketing and insulation requirements.

Design customisation

Pre-insulated pipes offer the availability of customising the pipes according to your exact needs and design requirements. This ensures that you will not compromise on the quality of the pipe when it comes to installing the required pre-insulated pipes in the house.

High quality control

Pre-insulated pipes are also passed through vigorous inspections to make sure they attain the set piping production standards. This is achieved by modern production techniques and factory machines during its production stage. The pipe's high-quality standards are guaranteed by having the insulation dry and highly efficient during its storage, transportation and installation processes.

Fast installation

All of the pre-insulated pipes are delivered as finished products; thus there is no need for further material handling. The pipes are also numbered according to the installation plans or drawings, which simplifies the identification of the pipes and results in faster and systematic installation of the pipes.