How You Can Prolong the Life of Your Painted Metal Roof

Metal fabricators make products using steel, aluminium and other metals. Fabricated metal products come out on top due to their long lifespan. But like products made of any other materials, the lifespan of metals is not unlimited. Some upkeep will be required to prolong the life of metals. If you have installed a painted metal roof in your home, you are a potential recipient of the many benefits metal fabrication has to offer. But first things first, let's get down to how you can take good care of your roof, so you can get maximum service from it.

Keeping the roof clean

Letting dirt and debris accumulate on the surface of your roof is a cosmetic issue, but it can also result in roof damage. The build-up will be hard on your roof's finish, and this will cause it to wear out prematurely. Once the finish wears out, the substrate metal will be subjected to the elements, thus leading to corrosion. To keep your roof clean, you will need to regularly wash it down with a garden hose and a roof cleaner specially formulated for your metal roof. Make sure water pressure is adequate to remove the dirt from your roof. Concentrate the cleaning more on areas stained with mould, mildew, algae, and other unwanted growths. Do not scrub your roof, as this will damage the roof finish. 

Repainting your roof

Regularly cleaning your roof will go a long way in making your roof last longer, but you will also need to occasionally repaint your roof when its paint finish starts to show signs of deterioration. Keep in mind that it is the paint finish that acts as the first line of protection against the elements. When this finish starts to diminish, it will no longer be able to offer the same level of protection that it did before, increasing the risk of accelerated roof damage. Before repainting your roof, you will need to prepare it first. This involves giving the roof a thorough cleaning, while removing any old paint peelings and rust in the process. Once the roof dries, you will need to apply waterproofing primer and then applying the paint with a brush or roller. The first coat of paint protects the underlying metal, while subsequent coats of paint restore your roof's aesthetics.

Make sure to follow your metal roof manufacturer's advice to the letter, as they know exactly what it takes to reap maximum service life from their products. Click for more about this topic.