Looking To Go Through Walls, These 5 Concrete Saws Will Certainly Help

Any construction worker is conversant with the different types of machines and their purpose. A concrete saw is among the many pieces of equipment you will find on a construction site. Concrete saws are used to remove or cut concrete during a building or remodelling operation. Different equipment will serve various purposes to attain the expected outcome. There are different types of concrete saws. So what type of saw are you using? Does it serve the right purpose? This piece will go through the different types of concrete saws available for various sawing techniques.

Wire Saws

This type of concrete saw is often applicable when different shapes and sizes of concrete are required. You can easily make openings in covered steel or concrete. When using concrete saws on the target object, water is used to cool it down during the operation. This will minimise the chances of unnecessary cracks when making an opening through concrete. The water also enhances the flexibility of the equipment, thus reducing the vibration intensity.

Floor Saws

Just like the name infers, this type of concrete saw is used on a flat surface. For example, it can be used on pavements or roads to make trenches or joints. It can also be used for demolition purposes. It is easy to use compared to the other types.

Track Saws

During construction, you may need to make openings on vertical structures such as walls. Most of the openings made using the track concrete saws are intended for ventilation such as doors and windows. This blade-like structure can be tricky to use if not handled well. You need to mount onto the target structure for a clean and accurate cut.


The outstanding characteristic of the chain concrete saws is that they are used on small or medium construction projects. They are easily portable and come in handy because of their compacted design. They also come in different types. It is essential to consult with a professional contractor to understand which is best suited for the operation. Chain concrete saws have a diamond-like chain and an oblong blade. They are best used when you do not want to make an overcut.

Ring Concrete Saws

They are much alike with the chainsaws. The difference is the round blade and their ability to be used in areas that cannot be accessed using those other concrete saws, especially when deep cutting is required.

Note: It is important to pay attention to your construction needs when selecting concrete saws to avoid any structural damage.