Types of Plastic Joiners

Plastic joiners provide a quick and convenient way to attach two or more piece of plastic, metal or any other substrate together in order to make a wider or longer piece. The interlocking nature of plastic joiners also contributes to their ease of use and structural integrity of the final assembly. The fact that they are made from plastic also means that they are lighter in weight and therefore ideal for a variety of applications, especially where shedding off excess weight is a necessity. In addition, glue or fasteners are always added to the joint in order to make the joint stronger and durable.

Apart from allowing connection of different sheets to form a larger area, joiners can also have decorative properties. They help decorate and improve aesthetic appeal by covering ugly and rough edges. Plastic joiners come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours. The right type of joiner to use depends on your own specific needs. Here are some of the main types of joiners you can find today.

The 90-degree plastic angle joiners

All 90-degree joiners, as the name suggests, hold two sheets together at a right angle. You can attach two sheets together to form L-shaped corners when putting together cabinets and partitions.

The two-way and three-way plastic joiners

Two-way sheet joiners are great for joining two sheets into one, which helps to form a bigger continuous sheet. Three way channel joiners are great for joining two sheets with an additional sheet at a 90-degree angle. Three-way plastic joiners offer an excellent way of creating partitions in different structures like shelves, cabinets or frames.

The u-channel plastic joiners

U-channel joiners come in a distinct U-shape. These joiners slide onto the edges of your plastic, metal or wooden sheets to hold them together. You can also use long U-shape joiners whenever you feel the need to join more than two sheets along the edges in order to form a continuous piece. These are great for putting together frames, partitions and shelves.

The end cap joiners

These have a similar appearance to u-channel joiners. However, these are specifically intended to help protect the edges rather than create joints. They are great for edges of shelves, corners and dividers. Common applications for these joiners include displays, shelving, partitions, picture frames and more.

The two-way plastic corner joiners

These plastic joiners can be used to join two sheets at a 90-degree angle. They are commonly used in displays, shelving, partitions, and picture frames.