Troubleshooting Guide for Some Common Deep Well Pump Problems

Deep well pumps are used to move bore water from several feet below ground where water reservoirs known as aquifers are located, to above ground for utility's sake. It, therefore, goes without saying that deep well pumps are very powerful pumps. But like any other mechanical equipment, these well pumps too can stop working properly or even shut down completely.

When this happens, many pump owners often do not know how they can troubleshoot for the problem. Here is an overview of some run-of-the-mill problems many deep well pump owners encounter, their potential causes and how they can be diagnosed.

Short cycling

Does your pump come on and off too quickly when you run it? If it does, then you could be facing a short cycling problem. Pump short cycling often occurs when too much air charge is lost in the water pressure tank, but it can also happen because the water pressure control switch is faulty. Pump owners can inspect the water pressure tank for loss of air charge by lubricating the air charging valve with a little dish soap solution. The pump will then need to be restarted and operated on a normal cycle setting. If water tank pressure goes down drastically, the tank is most likely losing air charge.

Short cycling resulting from air charge leakage in the pressure tank can be resolved by draining the water from the tank or adjusting the water tank air charge valve. If the pump is short cycling because of a bad water pressure control switch, the switch will need to be repaired or replaced.


Another common reason why deep well pumps fail is when some of its piping starts getting clogged. This usually happens when mud and other foreign debris find their way into the pipes as the water is being pumped out of the aquifers. This type of failure can occur suddenly when water levels inside the well drop drastically or gradually over time. Whichever way, you will need to identify the causes of the clogging. 

If the clogging has taken place suddenly, it might be a good idea to check the weather. If your local area has been experiencing a long dry spell of late, it could be that the pump is not sufficiently immersed in the underground water. Otherwise, you will have to inspect your piping to check for any leak spots, especially where there are pipe connections.

Reliable water supply is a basic human need. Therefore, if your well pump stops working properly, you will be greatly inconvenienced. Therefore, it is important to diagnose problems early so you can seek well pump repairs before things go from bad to worst.