Three Considerations before Acquiring a Wooden Shipping Crate

If you are planning on shipping goods for commercial or personal purposes, you should consider acquiring a wooden crate. This structure is ideal for stabilising your items and keeping them contained during transit. Therefore, they will not shake unnecessarily or scatter when exposed to harsh haulage conditions. The crate will also provide protection from mechanical impact, moisture, ultraviolet radiation, dust and contamination by other goods. In general, there are numerous options for wooden crate acquisition to consider when shopping. Here are the most important aspects that you should compare before making your decision. 

New or Used Crate

There are benefits and drawbacks attached to both new and used wooden crates. Therefore, you should compare the two options before purchasing the container for your shipping project. In terms of performance, a new wooden crate is the most ideal choice. The structure is usually strong because it has no prior exposure to shipping applications. This type of container will last longer if you plan on reusing it.

Additionally, the new interior surface is free of contaminants during the first shipping trip. On the other hand, the cost of purchase can be high, especially if you require several crates. The used alternative is a low-cost shipping solution. However, it is not ideal for long-term usage, and the container might be contaminated, depending on what was originally transported.

Open or Closed Design

Wooden crates are constructed in an open or closed design. You should compare the nature of your goods with the different crate configurations before making your decision. The closed crate is made of a box frame structure, and the sides are enclosed using plywood or closely fixed lumber. This provides the ultimate protection to the pertinent goods because there is no interaction with the external environment and its harmful aspects.

The main drawback of the closed design is that it does not allow ventilation for the items being shipped. In addition, the secure structure makes this option more expensive. The open crate is ideal if you are hauling items that require some level of ventilation, and the cost is relatively low. The structure is similar to the closed design, but the sides are covered with widely spaced lumber. Unfortunately, the level of protection provided is not exceptional.

Custom or Stock Crate

Finally, you should decide whether you would like a custom-built or stock crate. The latter is inexpensive because you can purchase the ready-made container from a dealer. However, the custom-built option is constructed to your exact requirements, making it perfect for special applications.