Marvellous and Moveable: How Your Amateur Soccer Game Can Seem Professional

Your local sporting fields are probably designated for multiple purposes. One evening might find a game of rugby being played. The next day might be cricket, followed by softball in the evening. It's not always feasible to have as professional a setup for each sport, and this is where specialist equipment can come into play. Moveable soccer goals can be quickly positioned at either end of the playing field and then put away at the end of the game, returning the field to a state of neutrality for whatever type of sport will be played there next. This is fantastic news if you're part of an amateur soccer team who wants your games to have a little extra something. There is a certain art to using these moveable soccer goals properly though. So what do you need to know?


There's a bit of a grey area into what is classified as a moveable soccer goal. There are a variety of products on the market that can be considered to be portable, but for stability and durability, you need to look for a product that has met a certain Australian manufacturing standard. The standard in question is designated as AS 4866.1-2007 and this will be marked on the packaging and in any product description. Ask the retailer if you're unsure. This designation offers a guarantee that certain key criteria have been met during the manufacturing process. Even with this rating, you still need to follow a few basic rules with setup and safety.


Ensure that whomever is responsible for setting up the moveable goals familiarises themselves with the anchoring requirements. In order to remain stable, each goal must be securely anchored, and the anchoring requirements can differ depending on the model. There might be a number of metal stakes that were supplied with the goal (which need to be securely driven into the ground). There might simply be a weight requirement that is the minimum amount of weight needed to anchor each goal, and this can be applied using bags of gravel, sand, or even soil. Setting up and dismantling these moveable goals can be a rather labour-intensive task, so your equipment manager will probably need some help.


It's important to not treat the goals as permanent. They are, after all, moveable goals, and the clue is in the name. It's vital that you do not swing from the goals or even lean on them too much. This can be particularly pertinent if the players in question are children, perhaps making them more likely to play with the goals. Even when securely anchored, additional weight suddenly applied to a moveable goal (such as when a person hangs from it) can cause the goal to flip over, potentially causing serious injury.

So while some basic setup and safety guidelines need to be followed, moveable goals are a fantastic way of quickly giving a neutral sporting field a professional feeling.