Mandatory Safety Gear for DIY Home Enthusiasts

When most of us hear of drilling, our minds automatically think of heavy industrial equipment. However, nothing could be further from the truth. Most of us, and especially DYI hobbyists at home, will find ourselves drilling something. Actually, most homeowners own a garage, which has a tools section where you will most likely find a drill. For example, when you want to put up a wooden or metallic shade on your front yard, you have to drill the main support pillars for joints. That being said, drilling can be dangerous. DIYs rely on intuition and interest, but most never attend any form of training where safety procedures are instilled. If you fall in this category, this article is meant for you. It lists mandatory safety gear that will protect you in your exploratory endeavors.

Goggles – Drilling can be very dangerous to your eyesight. It is possible for metallic or wooden particles to fly right into your eyes and cause a lot of harm. To avoid such incidences, it is wise to invest in a decent pair of goggles. When purchasing one, please make sure they cover the entire eyes including the sides. It is also important to consider the task at hand before buying goggles. For instance, if you plan to drill a metallic material, getting a tinted pair makes sense so that your eyes are protected from glare.

Protective Gloves – Drilling causes materials to chip. Such residue can cause severe cuts and bruises on a DIY that is not keen on safety precautions. As such, it is prudent to keep a pair of protective gloves in your tool kit. The best ones are made of leather and have a rough finish that gives good grip when handling tools.

Lubricating Fluid – This one particularly applies to metallic drilling processes. During the drilling exercise, for instance, a lot of friction and heat is generated. A lubricant not only eases the whole process, but it also provides safety by acting as a coolant. Handling a cool metal surface is safer compared to a hot one.

Protective Shoes – Most DIYs will agree that maintaining a clean workshop is a constant struggle. You will find drill bits, wooden splints, and metallic chips all over the floor. Such material can be very hazardous if not cleaned immediately. However, it is even better to put on protective shoes for safety reasons. The best ones are made of tough leather and have a thick rubber sole.