Reduce Flies and Maggots Around Your Skip Bin With These Tips

If you've just found a swarming mass of maggots at the bottom of your business's skip or if you are tired of the swarms of flies hanging out near your skip bin, you may be wondering what to do. Luckily, there are ways that you can fight the presence of maggots and flies. Take a look at these tips:

1. Sterilise the bin after finding maggots.

If you find maggots, you need to get rid of them to ensure these disgusting, little babies don't turn into adult flies. Bleach is the ideal solution. Pour ample amounts of bleach in the bin to kill the maggots. Then, if the skip has a plug in the bottom, open it so that water can run out of the skip, and rinse out the bottom of the skip with water. If possible, use hot water, but if not, just use a hose pipe.

2. Bag food scraps.

If your business throws food scraps into your skip, make sure that they are all bagged. Close the bags tightly so that they aren't likely to leak food or liquid that may entice more flies to the area. As you attempt to eliminate your fly and maggot issues, you may want to invest in extra strength bags or double bag your waste. In addition, close the skip at the end of every evening so that animals don't climb into it, tear open the bags and lure flies to the area.

3. Reduce odours.

Even if you are careful to keep all of your food-based waste well contained, your skip is still likely to emit some odours. To reduce them, sprinkle bicarbonate of soda in the skip, and also, consider sprinkling some bicarbonate of soda into your rubbish bins inside your place of business. Additionally, you can sprinkle a bit around the bin.

4. Set up fly traps.

During the summer when flies are abundant, you may need to set up some traps as well. You can hang sticky fly strips to the edges of the skip, or you can place a jar-shaped fly trap next to the bin. These traps serve to decimate fly swarms, and they also help to eliminate the flies before they lay eggs which eventually hatch into maggots.

5. Increase pick up times.

Finally, if the flies continue to be an issue, contact your skip company, and ask it to increase the number of times it picks up your rubbish each week. For example, if your business's skip is emptied once a week, see if you can increase that to twice.