Three Considerations for Selecting a Pallet Stretch Wrapping Machine

Stretch wrapping machines are valuable assets when transporting commercial goods in pallets. The equipment will apply a plastic film which is critical in unitising and stabilising the loads. This will promote better handling and general load management during transit. In addition, the stretch film will provide protection to the goods against damage from rain, UV radiation and dust. There are numerous types of pallet wrapping machines in the market to consider for your transportation operation. Here are critical factors to help you select the most suitable stretch wrapping equipment.

Semi-Automatic or Automatic Equipment

There are automatic and semi-automatic stretch-wrapping machines to consider for purchase. The most ideal choice will depend on your budget and the requirements of your operation. The automatic pallet wrapper is designed to perform all the film application tasks with minimal human intervention. Basically, this means that the machine has a conveyor system; this loads the commercial pallet on a platform for wrapping. Moreover, the wrapper will stretch the film, apply it and cut the material after the goods are covered. The semi-automatic alternative is less comprehensive in its tasks, but it is perfect for small budgets. This type will require a worker to load and unload the pallet and cut the film after application. You should note that there are manual hand wrappers too, but they are often too labour-intensive.

Production Capacity

The production capacity of the pallet wrapping machines is critical in identifying the perfect product. This factor refers to the maximum number of pallets that the equipment will be required to handle per unit time, usually a day. In simple terms, each machine has an internal motor which is responsible for driving the stretch film application processes. Unfortunately, the capability of motors can differ widely in terms of horsepower, speed and efficiency. A high-capacity wrapping machine can handle more pallets without experiencing internal stress and subsequent breakdown. However, this capability comes at a higher purchase price, so you must find a balance between capacity and cost. Most stretch wrapping machines are rated in terms of pallets per day; compare this aspect with your business output.

Technical Specifications

You should check the technical and performance features of the stretch wrapping machines to ensure that the specifications match your needs. Check the wrap height of the equipment because this will dictate the size of your pallets. The weight rating of the wrapping platform and the conveyor will also determine the practical useability of the machine. In addition, evaluate additional features like safety shut-off, stretch-wrapping controls and supervisor lock-out capabilities.